Sunday, April 18, 2010

Black Tie and Blue Jeans

We went to a fundraising gala called "Black Tie and Blue Jeans" last night.  Since my husband did not want to wear jeans with his tuxedo, I decided to make him a denim boutonniere.  I used fabric from an old pair of my son's jeans; kids' jeans often are a thinner and softer denim than adult jeans tend to be.  I used the fabric from the knee area so it was well-worn.

For the leaves, I used Modge-Podge to glue together two pieces of green fabric with some floral wire sandwiched between.  Once dry, I cut out the leaf shapes. 

For the flower bud, I glued floral wire inside one edge of the denim rectangle with Modge-Podge.

Once dry, I folded down the top so the edge wouldn't show and then wrapped the rectangle around until it formed the bud shape. 

I then arranged the leaves and bud together, securing the wires with electrical tape.  I would have used floral tape, but after an hour of searching for mine, I settled.  Finally, I wrapped a thin ribbon of denim (which I ripped, not cut, from the jeans) around them and used the Modge-Podge to hold it all in place. 

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