Thursday, August 26, 2010

Greek Party, Part 2: invitations and sources

Our Greek Myth party invitations were extremely simple. 
Not being able to find good clip art for Greek Myths, I stuck with simple columns to frame the page. 
The columns help conjure images of Greek temples. I used the font Castellar, but I'm sure there are more ancient- Greek-looking fonts out there on the web.
The invitations read:

Come Celebrate _____'s Birthday With Us
on ______(date)
We're going to party like it's 500 B.C.
If you can come 'in character', please do.
Consult the Oracle (enclosed) to learn your destiny.

Included in each envelope was a smaller envelope, marked "THE ORACLE".
Inside each Oracle envelope was a brief description and picture of a Greek god. 

We assigned each guest a different Greek god.  My son, of course, wanted to be Poseidon (who figures prominently in the Percy Jackson books).

So far, the invitations have been a hit and most guests have replied that they will come in costume!

There are a few other blogs on the web that describe Greek Mythology parties (or Percy Jackson parties).
Here are some that I used for inspiration:
Small Hours and Little Wonders for a detailed Percy Jackson party with lots of game ideas
Bright Hub for generic Percy Jackson ideas
eHow for generic ideas for a Greek Myth party
Make It Do for a detailed description of a Percy Jackson party (great cake picture!)

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