Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thumb Pots

To protect our plants in the squash family, this year we are planting radishes to attract the same bugs who bore into our squash vines.  We planted two packets of seeds in the spring, but now that the radishes are mature, it is time to plant some more.  Who knew radishes were so easy to grow?  They literally pop up out of the ground when they are ready to harvest.  I'm leaving the damaged ones where they are, so the bugs can keep munching.

In order to entice my boys to help plant the radishes, I offered them the chance to use our new Thumb Pot.  We bought it on our trip to Colonial Williamsburg. 

The pot has a large hole at the top (for one's thumb) and several small holes on the base.  By putting it into a bucket of water, the small holes allow water to fill the pot.  To pick up the pot, one covers the thumb hole, trapping the water inside.

Letting go of the thumb hole releases a nice shower of water onto the plants.  This was fun for the boys, and for the cat, too.


  1. I love it! I want a thumb pot. Where in Williamsburg did you find that?

  2. We found the pots at the garden center in the historic district. We had a great time talking to the gardeners at the working garden and shopping through their heritage seeds.


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