Sunday, August 28, 2011

Doctor Who Party

My children (and their cousins, friends, grandparents and parents) have recently become obsessed with Doctor Who.  ( does make some of us a *little* ashamed about teasing my husband in the 1980s and 90s for being a fan.)  It was no surprise, then, that our latest birthday party had to have a Doctor Who theme.  What was a surprise was the short amount of time we had to plan the party.  My son originally wanted a zombie party, then changed it to a Lego party, and then about two weeks before the party, changed it to Doctor Who.

Big problem:
 In the U.S. it is just about impossible to get Doctor Who party supplies, toys, or anything related to the Doctor.  And with only two weeks, I didn't have time to order anything online.

Big solution: the Internet!
We found so much inspiration from other obsessed fans, that before long my boys were making sonic screwdrivers from Legos and more.  (The one below belongs to the Master.)

Here are some of our party supplies: 

I took an old metal cookie cutter of a duck and reshaped it to form a Dalek.  My youngest son decorated the cookies with M&Ms. 

We wrapped up the cooled cookies and put one in each goody bag.  I made the goody bags from plain blue bags on which I glued printed parts of the TARDIS.  I filled them with the cookies, some Nerds (how could I resist hinting that we're all a bunch of nerds?), and other candies.  My boys also made guests some fuse bead Daleks. (You must be aware of our fuse bead obsession by now.)

Our centerpiece was a cupcake and gingerbread scene of some Daleks surrounding the TARDIS.  Look out, Doctor!

The main activity of the party was the creation of a stop-motion Lego movie about the Doctor and Rose battling some Daleks. Here we see Rose falling as the Daleks attack the TARDIS.  Dramatic!

After the animation film session, the whole family gathered with some friends to light those Daleks afire and sing Happy Birthday to my newly-turned-eleven-years-old son, who was delighted with the party.


  1. I found you by chance looking for Doctor Who Party ideas. Thank you so much for posting...I have many new ideas now for the party. I love the gingerbread Tardis!!

  2. Great job! You've inspired me.

    I had a similar problem back in the late '90s, when my daughter insisted on a Wishbone party. I think it was her 6th birthday. I finally tracked down a company in Florida that must have had the last remaining Wishbone supplies in existence, and they were able to ship them to me in California in time for the party. We also have a great local bakery that will reproduce sugar sheet cake topper graphics of any image that you can email to them or supply a disk for. They print it on a "sugar sheet" and place it on top of the cake. I found an Wishbone image online that looked great on top of a sheet cake.

    Anyway to close out, I just wanted to let you know that "Doctor Who" is huge in my house and my daughter would love to have a Doctor Who party for her birthday this year. And, in case you were wondering, it is the very same daughter that had the Wishbone party in the 90's. This will be her 19th birthday (featuring the 10th doctor--David Tennant). So, tell your husband, from one Whovian parent to another, he has nothing to be ashamed of!

  3. Can you tell me where you got the images for the gift bags?

    1. I made them in Microsoft Word. I first did a Google Images search for Tardis and copied and pasted and cropped bits and pieces from various images that I heavily doctored with Word formatting.

  4. Thank you, so many ideads for my sons 5th Birthday, and we have access to Doctor Who stuff in the UK!

  5. Can you please tell me where I can order the tardis boxes? Desperately need them! Thank you!

    1. The Tardis boxes are actually blue paper lunch bags. I printed out the windows and other parts that I cut out and glued onto the folded and filled bags. I got the bags at the party supply store.


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