Monday, May 30, 2011

Pi Party

My teenage daughter has a birthday around Pi Day (3/14).  What better way to celebrate than with all things Pi.  I made a Pi-nata for the occasion, with some inspiration from a St. Patty's Day craft found at the Celebration Generation blog.

In addition to smashing the Pi-nata, the kids enjoyed pi-neapple, pi-zza, pi-ckles, and of course, pi-e.  I was very impressed with two of my daughter's friends showed up with pies they made themselves.  One made a delicious rhubarb pie and one girl made a strawberry pie that I smuggled away from the teens and ate by myself. 
Just kidding. 
Sort of.
It was after sunset when we finally got around to taking aim at the pinata, so some of these pictures are a bit dark.
 Below, you can see that even big kids love candy.Teenage boys can smash pinatas pretty hard, I've learned.  Candy flew several yards. I'm still finding candy in the mint bed. 

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