Monday, June 6, 2011

Land of the Little People

After a weekend of yard sales --"yard sailing"-- with the grandparents, my children typically bring home bags of toys that sellers are happy to unload.  I have more Happy Meal toys in my house than any person should, but since it is a more environmental, cost effective, and healthier way of obtaining toys than actually going to McDonald's, I try to tolerate it.  My parents thought it would be especially funny, then, to see my reaction to my son's latest yard sale find.  To their surprise, I embraced it.
 My son found a treasure in the form of several large pieces of aquarium decor.  (How big this aquarium was, I can only imagine.)  Declaring himself a huge fan of ancient Greek architecture, my son bought the whole lot for pocket change.  Many thanks go to his grandfather for demonstrating superior haggling skills on my son's behalf.
 We put the ancient ruins near this other area in our garden where Tiny Folk frequent.
 Because these items were intended to be under water, they are perfect for the outdoors.  Once the area was set up, it was only a matter of time before a battle ensued...

During the battle, the boys interacted with each other, the cat, and a slug. Great things happen when children play in the garden.  :  )

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