Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apple Bacon Pie

What is as American as apple pie, but has the trendy flavor of bacon? That's right: apple bacon pie!
We attend an annual party called MeatFest. It is always fun to see what meaty concoctions people create.  This year we were treated to meat brownies, bacon fudge, pancake and bacon cupcakes, and chocolate covered bacon, among other dishes.  My husband added bacon to a delicious apple pie, using some frozen apples from the fall.

 He added a few fresh apples from the store.  The result was beautiful. 

* Photo credit goes to my fantastic daughter. 

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  1. My sister in law has a bacon party every year. Sounds a lot like your meat party. Everything has bacon in it. I have had chocolate bacon before and it is better than it sounds. I just might have to try apple bacon pie!!! Thanks for sharing!


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