Friday, September 14, 2012

Minecraft Party

Like so many birthday parties in this family, the story of this one starts with an enthusiastic child announcing grand plans for a really fun party. It always sounds easy enough. But then I look into where I can buy decorations, cake toppers, goody bags, and invitations-- and it hits me that no party supplier makes the theme my child wants (at least not in the US, as with the Doctor Who party)!
So, the challenge this season is: Minecraft party for a boy turning twelve!
Luckily, this time, a Google search brings forth many creative party ideas from talented people all over the world who also have children interested in Minecraft.
So, even though I can't go to Party City for this one, we can have a great time.
And even though I don't really play Minecraft (often) my son is a fantastic resource and an eager helper.
I'm not sure about your kids, but every once in a while, my kids get obsessed with memes. We turned the Minecraft Creeper meme into our invitations. Using the meme generator site, we got a great screenshot that we pasted into an invitation.  It is apparently common for a Creeper in Minecraft to compliment you and then try to steel something from you. For instance, it might say something like, "That's a nice pick ax you've got there. I think I might take it." We played on that saying: That's a nice party face you've got there; I think I might...invite you to my birthday party! We invited friends for a few hours and then had their families join ours for an evening party.
Have I ever made a better looking invitation? Absolutely (in all modesty, of course)! But please remember these boys are all 12-14 years old. They love things to be simple. I can live with that!

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