Thursday, June 10, 2010

Teacher Gift

I have long wanted to do something with chalkboard paint, and was recently inspired by Craft-Werks' chalkboard mugs and then Someday Crafts' repurposed bottles feature to make this gift for my son's teacher:
The room moms always give the 'big' gift at the end of the year, so I wanted my son to be able to give his teacher something that was more personal.  He wrote the message and picked the flowers with me.  He takes pride in the eggs he gathers.  The glass bottle can be reused as a vase or repurposed as a container for rice or beads; the chalkboard makes it versatile.

To make the chalkboard area on the bottle, I taped off the section I wanted to paint, primed it with a multi-purpose primer, and simply painted three layers of chalkboard paint on it.  [Then I went a little crazy, painting old --and ugly-- photo mats, cheap frames, and anything else that wasn't moving...I'm loving the chalkboard paint almost as much as my kids love the fuse beads.]

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  1. I love chalkboard paint, I did two projects....yesterday with the stuff! This is a precious idea, I bet the teachers loved it!
    P.s. Thanks for the test tube advice....I'm headed to the Dollar Tree tonight....I just have to replace about 4 test tubes, but I didn't want to do the whole shipping etc thing again!


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